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annex.s.o HTTP interface down
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Accessing our public annex via HTTP ( times out.
Behind the scenes, it turns out that what times out is accessing the relevant nfs (auto)mount on pergamon (/srv/softwareheritage/annex/annexroot), which is exported by uffizi.
The relevant filesystem is fine on uffizi, but nfs-kernel-server there has relevant log entries:

dic 08 17:16:10 uffizi rpc.mountd[1391]: refused mount request from for /srv/softwareheritage/objects (/): not exported

(yep, this is for a different export, but I suspect it's related)

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We currently have a circular dependency between the services on pergamon and the services on uffizi. The NFS exports depend on DNS resolution provided by pergamon.

I replaced the NFS exports based on DNS names with exports based on CIDR networks. It's verbose but it should resolve the issue.

The message is a false flag as the given exports are indeed not allowed for the azure workers.