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Define and document workflow for "save requests" for tarballs
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Currently, team members and ambassadors have access to the save code now functionality for tarballs.
When a user asks SWH for saving tarballs, we need to dispatch this request to ambassadors in a traceable manner.

To this end, a proposal is to create a "save requests collection" or "rescue mission" project in the forge (here and migrate to gitlab) and create tickets under the project with the following template:

Title: [save request] submit <name> tarball link to save code now

Here is the link to source code page where code needs rescuing:
<link> / <list of links>

visit page and download content from direct link.

Please verify that the tarballs are source code and submit the direct link in:

The ticket should be labeled (tagged) also Ambassadors.

This project can also be a holder of forges that needs to be rescued, similarly as the

Event Timeline

moranegg triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 19 2021, 12:15 PM
moranegg created this task.

With @rdicosmo, we have decided that the "save archives now" which is only open to ambassadors today, should be opened to the public and that ambassadors will receive access to moderate the "save code now" requests.

This new direction, should be discussed and specified. Furthermore, ambassadors training should be scheduled before actually opening the feature to the public.