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Upgrade to highlight.js 11.x
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highlight.js 11.0 was recently released with numerous improvements but also some breaking changes.

While the deprecated JavaScript API has already been handled in swh-web source code, the real breaking change for us is the upgrade of the github colors theme we are using to match current one used on

From my point of view, the old github theme integrates nicely with the SWH color theme while the updated one does not, see below:

old theme

new theme

Hopefull we can restore the old theme after highlight.js upgrade using a dedicated CSS file.

I also noticed a regression regarding Python highlighting in highlight.js 11.0, I have submitted a fix that will be integrated in the next release of the library.

So no need to rush for that upgrade at the moment as it is an important part of the Web UI and needs more testing before a deployment.

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