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Retrieve fork information for github repositories in swh.lister.github
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Our current database for the github lister doesn't store the "parent" repository of a fork. This prevents us from using the smart updater to its fullest, basing our original clone on the data of the parent.

This can be done by making a new query of the github api for each fork repository.

Current estimate: 15 million fork repos / (5000 queries / hour) / (24 hours / day) = 125 days to populate a new table with a single github account for api access.

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We could probably cheat by using the data from ghtorrent for the repositories that have already been listed, as this is a one-shot job and stale data is more interesting than no data. Worst case scenario: we base our clone on a repo that doesn't exist or doesn't contain the right data, and then we just fallback to regular cloning.

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We sidestepped the problem by just importing fork repos as regular repos.