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Update user documentation of deposit
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I made a first deposit with no MD file, just a few options to the cli command (--author, --name and --slug)
then I made a second deposit of the same zip file but with a metadata file (and no options)
and I'm surprised by a few things:

  1. the origin in the web app is (belenios-0123456 being the slug I gave)
  2. there is only one visit and revision

the second deposit I made (with the metadata file) is not visible in the webapp (either as a visit nor another origin)
nonetheless the deposit has been accepted (status: deposited)

  1. I cannot see where I can find the metadata in the webapp (neither in the revision nor the directory view)

(using a deposit instance in a freshly create docker dev stack)
(you can try my webapp on from the vpn)

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moranegg triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 28 2020, 3:24 PM
moranegg created this task.

@douardda I saw you had more questions on IRC, can you put them here and I'll capture in comments the answers.
Also I'll open tasks that we identified during our discussion.

Here are the comments I have listed from our discussion last Thursday and I have opened and referenced related tasks :

  1. Use external_id from the metadata file if exists (even without the --slug flag) -> not sure this is feasible technically (T2752)

More information about the slug can be found here: T2391

  1. The URL we generate with a UUID (for the SWH client should be resolvable- to the same artifact that is archived) the origin creation should be more explicit on the documentation since it should be resolvable in the Web App
    • For example:;origin=;visit=swh:1:snp:6665d47a4d2a19c6e01ddeaf0227e23cb393d2a3;anchor=swh:1:rev:c6a9c5c856e8ea9daffb588c091f9a3876ba3cc3/
see T2753

  1. The "real" Author and Committer of deposits are only in metadata and not on the revision:
    • change the author and committer of the deposit to the deposit client (e.g HAL, IPOL, etc.) [Task TBD]
    • retro change of existing deposit by creating new revisions ? [Task TBD]
  1. Provide the possibility to generate xml that is SWH SWORD compliant on the CodeMeta generator [Task TBD]
  1. Verify the advantages of implementing SWORD v3 [discussion on T2344]
    • it might be a better option to have SWORD v3 in SWH, instead of having a connector done by external partners ?
  1. Show date schema more visibly on documentation at the moment it is here:

Did you push your updates to the swh-deposit documentation? is the user manual done?
Can I resolve this task?

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til, moving task within the dashboard changes the status of the task...

Makes total sense but i did not know... Sorry to have closed it for you @moranegg then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯