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Add entry of the FAIRsFAIR report in `publications`
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The FAIRsFAIR report is now published on Zenodo:

@rdicosmo : does reports and outputs like FAIRsFAIR, RDA SCID WG, or the SIRS TF belong to the publications page on the Software Heritage website?

If yes,
Here is the DOI for the SCID WG output as well:

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moranegg created this task.

This still needs @rdicosmo's review.
At the moment I tend to say that EU projects reports are not adapted to the publication page, but where should this information go in a persistent way?

Gruenpeter, Morane, Di Cosmo, Roberto, Koers, Hylke, Herterich, Patricia, Hooft, Rob, Parland-von Essen, Jessica, Tana, Jonas, Aalto, Tero, & Jones, Sarah. (2020). M2.15 Assessment report on 'FAIRness of software' (1.1). Zenodo.

  author       = {Gruenpeter, Morane and
                  Di Cosmo, Roberto and
                  Koers, Hylke and
                  Herterich, Patricia and
                  Hooft, Rob and
                  Parland-von Essen, Jessica and
                  Tana, Jonas and
                  Aalto, Tero and
                  Jones, Sarah},
  title        = {M2.15 Assessment report on 'FAIRness of software'},
  month        = oct,
  year         = 2020,
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  version      = {1.1},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.5472911},
  url          = {}

Yes, these reports must go in the publications page, @anlambert may you add this item too?
The bib snippet is in @moranegg's comment above.