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public journal of notable archiving policy changes
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Our archiving policies are meant to evolve over time, as just a few examples: we might change limits to object sizes to avoid crazy objects/bombs, we might decide to avoid platform-specific quirks, we might add support for stuff that we are unable to archive today but we are in the future, etc.

We need to document this kind of changes in places other than just the VCS of our loaders (which are hard to mine and anyway do not tell when something is deployed), to allow to make sense in the future (possibly very distant) of what has been archived and when and how by Software Heritage.

We can start with a simple, timestamped, textual files somewhere, which is publicly browsable. In the beginning it could even be just a git-committed .txt file with a link to it from our website. We can worry about rendering it properly/nicely later. But it is important we start to curate maintain such a journal.