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package loader: Discuss revision metadata normalization
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Auditing the state of the revision's metadata field, we use the field metadata to convey multiple meanings.
It'd be great we have a look at how we want to set that.

Understanding that this should not be there (but it is for now).

current reimplementation for gnu/pypi/npm (T1389)

'metadata': {
  'intrinsic_metadata': intrinsic_metadata,  # raw metadata parsed out of internal file (PKG-INFO, package.json)
  'original_artifact': a_metadata,             # extrinsic artifact metadata, raw data from api/provider
  'hashes_artifact': a_c_metadata,          # extra artifact metadata computed by us

in-production pypi

'metadata': {
  'original_artifact': artifact,  # extrinsic metadata about the release artifact to download
  'project': project_info,  # extrinsic metadata about the project

in-production npm

'metadata': {
    'package_source': package_source_data,
    'package': package_metadata,


all intrinsic metadata:

'node': hash_to_hex(header['node']),  # -> this probably should be in extra headers, must check if it is or not (unsure)
'extra_headers': [
] + extra_meta


ret['metadata'] = {
    'extra_headers': git_metadata,  # intrinsic metadata


all intrinsic metadata

'extra_headers': [
    ['svn_repo_uuid', repo_uuid],
    ['svn_revision', str(rev).encode('utf-8')]


Those are computations and extrinsic metadata:

'metadata': {
  'original_artifact': {
    'name': filename
    'archive_type': 'zip' || 'tar'


'metadata': {
  'original_artifact': [{
  }],           # <- built from intrinsic metadata parsed out of *.dsc
  package_info: # <- built from intrinsic metadata parsed out of debian/changelog

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ardumont triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 27 2019, 12:18 PM
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For the following, we will focus on package loader metadata.

We will continue using revision and the following metadata format is this:

  original_artifact: [{
    filename: <value>,
    checksums: {
      **swh-hashes   # sha1, sha1_git, sha256, blake2
    length: <value>,
  extrinsic: {
    provider: <value>,
    when: <value>,
    raw: <raw-data-provided>,
  intrinsic: [{
    tool: <value>,  # PKG-INFO, package.json, etc...
    raw: <raw-parse-intrinsic-metadata>,   # think PKG-INFO, package.json, *.dsc dict output
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