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Write glossary/taxonomy for push archival process and mechanism
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SWH provides different channels to push software artifacts into the archive, which are used or will be used for software archival.
This push process of software artifacts isn't documented and should be with a first draft of a glossary.
The items that should be defined:

  • save code now
  • software curation
  • deposit
  • sparse deposit
  • metadata deposit
  • moderation vs curation
  • original artifact [?]
  • metadata encapsulation [?]

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moranegg created this task.

I second the need of properly defining terms related to push archival.

As a side note, I think they should be integrated into our main glossary, rather than creating a dedicated one.

(which made me notice we currently have two glossaries, rather than one, *sigh*, we should merge them into one :-), and make the other point to the merged version)

@zack: Good idea to have only one glossary.

Also we need to add to the glossary entries about dates!
I'm doing a depoit's date mapping and it is not as clear as I thought for me..

If there is a place where dates are described clearly, I would love a link to that.

I too, two noticed the two glossaries. They have varying levels of explanations and merging them is one of the tasks I have considered for my GSoD application. I will be glad to assist in the process, in any way I can.

thanks @twitu for finding this location, if you see any other places dates are documented, feel free to comment here.

The access to the glossary from the main docs page is hard find.
It's under Indices and tables which is not exactly the evident as a glossary related category.
Also there is no access from the left menu.