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We need archive the contents present on

The lister has to be one shot because the packages are no longer updated and as mentioned in, there is only one directory which is updated. That is, as it is also mentioned

further development work is being done in conjunction with the

However, the packages that are updated on are also present on the Gitlab page of ( As Gitlab lister is already present, so we can skip
Hence this would be one-shot.

Any API or some index file is not available for this website so the best approach would be the scrape and get the tarball links. These can directly be fed to loader-tar to ingest.

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I don't like the idea of this lister.

Fist, itself is developed in a Git repo hosted on GitLab (the Freedesktop instance). So the easiest way to get its code archived is to just add that GitLab to our list of crawled instances (which will also give us other relevant projects, so let's just do that).

Once we have that, the marginal value of having releases listed on becomes essentially zero.

We will eventually need a lister for "random lists of tarballs linked from a web page", but that is a more general concern, which will probably require more thought than a dedicated lister.

@zack I agree, to the fact that archiving is virtually not required because it is a git repo. However, I was concerned about archiving tarballs of other projects which are only present on like
However, as you mention about

a lister for "random lists of tarballs linked from a web page."

.then we do not need a dedicated lister.

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