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Propose a @software BibTeX template
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We would like to suggest a standard template for software BibTeX entries, based on the work of the Inria WG on software citation, and other initiatives.

A good starting point is the list of entries described in the biblatex documentation, see pages 16 and following of

Working document in:

First proposal base on hal software deposit:

@software {delebecque:hal-02090402,
  TITLE = {{Scilab 1.1}},
  AUTHOR = {Delebecque, Fran{\c c}ois and Gomez, Claude and Goursat, Maurice and Nikoukhah, Ramine and Steer, Serge and Chancelier, Jean-Philippe},
  URL = {},
  NOTE = {First Scilab version. It was distributed by anonymous ftp.}, => le contenu du champ description
  YEAR = {1994},
  MONTH = Jan,
  DOCUMENTS = {}, => autres proposition FILES
  HAL_ID = {hal-02090402},
  HAL_VERSION = {v1},
  SWH_ID = {⟨swh:1:dir:1ba0b67b5d0c8f10961d878d91ae9d6e499d746a⟩},
  VERSION = {1.1}, 
  CODE_REPOSITORY= exemple {url GIthub},
  ABSTRACT = {Résumé si il est renseigné}

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A document for describing the @software bibtex entry is now created, and collaboration can go on at

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Is this committed?

Le jeu. 6 juin 2019 à 13:45, moranegg (Morane Otilia Gruenpeter) <> a écrit :

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First proposal base on hal software deposit:

@software {delebecque:hal-02090402,



*To: *moranegg
*Cc: *Alain, rdicosmo, moranegg, zack

Sorry, I was in the midst of just adding quotes for readability and left it open.

I created a seperate branch moranegg on which I'm working and to which I'm pushing.
You can have a look, but I will ask for a merge only next week.
Seems I can't push to master, but it's better this way :-)

review template with @software and @softwareversion entries

review template with:

  • @software for the software concept/project
  • @softwareversion for a specific release
  • @insoftware for a specific artifact in the software (e.g revision, directory, file)

This is now published in CTAN (biblatex-software)