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Add a new hypervisor
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Louvre is no longer able to run all existing VMs.
A third hypervisor has to be added to our infrastructure in order to continue to operate smoothly when one of them is out of service.

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New hypervisor hardware has been racked in our bay at Rocquencourt.
The machine's iDrac management interface is accessible on the management network, under the name (details on the wiki).

Proxmox now installed on the machine,

olasd added a subscriber: olasd.Jan 2 2019, 6:44 PM

I've reinstalled the machine following these steps:

  • Debian installed on the machine with the plain debian installer (no bonding support => no network)
  • network configured with iproute2 (with the bond + vlan stack)
  • install facter from stretch backports, install puppet from stretch
  • /etc/facter/facts.d seeded
  • puppet run
  • install ifenslave, bridge-utils and vlan to get the proper /etc/network/interfaces scripts
  • write proper /etc/network/interfaces with inspiration from louvre
  • reboot and hope the network comes up. rinse, repeat.
  • setup proxmox as advised in
  • reboot on the proxmox kernel
  • Update /etc/pve/corosync.conf with the new host on one of the existing hypervisors
    • add node to nodelist with a new nodeid
    • add unicast ip address to ring0 in the totem section
    • increment config version number in the totem section
  • restart pve-cluster on existing nodes to take the new corosync config into account
  • follow
    • pvecm add
    • type root password for louvre
  • see the host appear in the proxmox cluster
  • reboot one last time for good measure (and to see whether everything starts ok on boot)
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The new hypervisor has been working without any particular issue since its installation.