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fetch release note from github to keep in release_metadata table
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In the web-app when browsing a release, the release message can be the release name and provide very little information, because the only message kept is the one stored in git.

On Github the release page has a detailed description that should be kept with the release.


"body" element in :

Two options:

  1. have it directly in the release object
  2. create a release_metadata table for all the stuff found with the release including assets or links to assets
  3. put in ERMDS on the release SWHID

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In my opinion, the release notes shouldn't be stored in the release objects, for the following reasons:

  • they are dependent of the origin (a clone of this exact same repository on another git hosting platform won't have that information)
  • they aren't part of the data used to compute the release identifier
  • they can be modified after the fact

They're really external metadata, dependent of the context, and should be stored as such

moranegg renamed this task from fetch release note from github to keep with release object to fetch release note from github to keep in release_metadata table.Jun 13 2018, 4:07 PM