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Update the archiver specification

Authored by qcampos on Jul 29 2016, 3:33 PM.

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"Peer-to-peer" (or P2P) is the standard spelling of this notion


A more substantial comment here is that the recent changes in how the archiver works didn't really turn it into a P2P system. Most notably we still rely on a centralized director that: a) spots that more copies are needed, and b) decides what-to-copy-where.

So I propose to call this section "Peer-to-peer topology". And maybe add a paragraph to state that, whereas peers are in general considered to be equal, coordination is currently centralized.


Here is a plug to reiterate, if needed, that the source/destination decision is not up to individual nodes.


why is the discussion of mtime gone from here?


same as above: why is this gone?


I don't understand what "but elapsed time" means here, please clarify/rewrite.


nitpick: there are capital letters at the beginning of bullet points, whereas they aren't there all over the document


nitpick: writing this "for each (content, source, destination)" would make it less odd


typo: "transfert" -> "transfer"


typo: "api" -> "API"


maybe add a comment here that these are sample/initial archive names


The schema of the JSON here should be described, in a way that allows validation, ideally using json-schema.
See sql/json/ in swh-storage for examples.

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Corrections of the specs and add the json schema description


The new specification does not check /mtime/ in the director. It only count the number of effectively present copies to select contents that need or not more copies.
The check of the /mtime/s of /ongoing/ status is now done in the worker only (note: this was previously done twice).

This makes the batches less accurate about contents that really needs archival, but they are generated quicker, and as this check was done anyway in the worker, we can save a db request for each content.

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All good! Just a couple of new nits remaining.


OK, fair enough. Thanks for clarifying.


Several separator "," are missing in this JSON.
Pro tip: you can check whether it's correct or not using json-glib-format (which I've just installed on your machine ;-))


A description of valid values is missing here, adding the following line here should do:

"enum": ["missing", "ongoing", "present", "corrupted"]

(but please check the JSON Schema spec because I'm not 100% sure)

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Correct json format and move integrity check from copier to worker (previous position was a mistake)


"enum" seems valid. Thanks !

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