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Remove useless 'type: ignore' annotation.

Authored by vlorentz on Thu, Nov 19, 2:00 PM.


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mypy complains about it.

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Build 26619: arc lint + arc unit

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vlorentz created this revision.Thu, Nov 19, 2:00 PM

Build has FAILED

Patch application report for D4526 (id=16036)

Could not rebase; Attempt merge onto 85416fb165...

Updating 85416fb1..83f46bbe
 swh/deposit/templates/deposit/content.xml           | 21 +++++++++++----------
 swh/deposit/templates/deposit/deposit_receipt.xml   | 11 ++++++++++-
 swh/deposit/templates/deposit/status.xml            | 16 +++++++++++++++-
 .../tests/api/        |  6 ++++++
 swh/deposit/tests/api/              |  4 ++--
 .../tests/data/https_deposit.swh.test/1_test        | 10 +++++++++-
 .../tests/data/https_deposit.test.metadata/1_test   | 10 +++++++++-
 .../https_deposit.test.metadata/1_test_666_metadata |  9 ++++++++-
 swh/deposit/                                 |  2 +-
 9 files changed, 71 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)
Changes applied before test
commit 83f46bbebb78667b4596b42aad074e47ffc6ccd1
Author: Valentin Lorentz <>
Date:   Thu Nov 19 14:00:10 2020 +0100

    Remove useless 'type: ignore' annotation.
    mypy complains about it.

commit ca3422a27365c543db76db003cc2c82b329dc29b
Author: Valentin Lorentz <>
Date:   Thu Nov 19 13:59:37 2020 +0100

    Move SWH-specific tags to the namespace
    They don't belong in SWORD.
    We're keeping the old ones for existing clients, and we will have to
    notify them of the change before removing the old tags.

commit 918d39057abe4a9194b0f7a0cc04e39bd297ec13
Author: Valentin Lorentz <>
Date:   Thu Nov 19 13:56:39 2020 +0100

    Remove <sword:request>.
    1. it is not a SWORD tag
    2. I don't think there is any use for this
    3. Its content is buggy, as it only handles one level of hierarchy for the metadata values.

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yes, but without the build fails...

vlorentz abandoned this revision.Thu, Nov 19, 3:17 PM

and on my computer it fails if I don't remove it...