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[WIP] add Python client for the Web API

Authored by zack on Mon, Mar 16, 4:10 PM.


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T2279: Python client for the Web API

Closes T2279

Note that this has already been reviewed in D2461, the only missing comment
from @vlorentz there was about removing the elif series from iter, but in the
end I've decided I disagree with the suggestion (sorry).

This still needs to pass mypy properly (get currently doesn't) and we need to
discuss how to have tests for it.

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zack created this revision.Mon, Mar 16, 4:10 PM
zack updated this revision to Diff 10111.Tue, Mar 17, 7:56 PM
  • web client: handle symbolic refs in snapshots
  • web client: handle snapshot pagination
  • web client: make snapshot iteration return dictionaries
zack updated this revision to Diff 10124.Wed, Mar 18, 2:24 PM
  • web client: fix flake8 issues and update URL examples
zack abandoned this revision.Wed, Mar 18, 7:04 PM

Abandoned in favor of D2852, now in a dedicated repo