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Reorganize the code

This commit no longer exists in the repository. It may have been part of a branch which was deleted.


Reorganize the code

  • move everything (swh)archive related in a archive/ submodule
  • move everything provenance storage related in a storage/ submodule (which remains a not ideal name, may be confusing with the general 'storage == swh-storage' acceptance in swh)
  • rename rabbitmq's backend from api/ to storage/rabbitmq
  • spit in 3 parts (one for each part, ProvenanceInterface, ProvenanceStorageInterface and ArchiveInterface).


douarddaAuthored on Sep 30 2022, 4:51 PM
douarddaPushed on Oct 3 2022, 12:26 PM
Differential Revision
D8593: Reorganize the code
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Buildable 32016
Build 50118: test-and-buildJenkins console · Jenkins

Commit No Longer Exists

This commit no longer exists in the repository.