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ObjectFormatException: Unknown field b'>'
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ObjectFormatException: Unknown field b'>'
(6 additional frame(s) were not displayed)
  File "dulwich/", line 1476, in _result
    return unpacked.sha_file()
  File "dulwich/", line 166, in sha_file
    return ShaFile.from_raw_chunks(self.obj_type_num, self.obj_chunks)
  File "dulwich/", line 456, in from_raw_chunks
    obj.set_raw_chunks(chunks, sha)
  File "dulwich/", line 356, in set_raw_chunks
  File "dulwich/", line 832, in _deserialize
    raise ObjectFormatException("Unknown field %s" % field)

Loading failure, updating to `failed` status

This is caused by an unescaped \n in the author email.

$ git clone
$ cd cacotopia
$ git cat-file -p commit_message
object 1319800c18ca5ea54d8068828308ff82fbede0e5
type commit
tag commit_message
tagger cacotopia
> 1372081650 +0800

commit message