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Deploy swh.deposit v0.17
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  • drop xmltodict dependency in favor of ElementTree implementation
  • deposit: separate deposit types
  • Add warning to various deposit clis when provenance metadata is not provided by clients


  • Tag loader.core (vlorentz did)
  • Fix loader.core debian build [1]
  • deploy loader.core v2.5.2 (upgrade package, then restart swh-worker@loader_deposit)


  • Upgrade debian package definition (debian/control) and drop python3-xmltodict dep
  • Tag the deposit
  • Fix deposit debian build [2]
  • Upgrade python3-swh.deposit* package in server (and python3-swh.model)
  • Migrate the db to the latest schema (deposit will be typed either 'code' or 'meta')
  • Restart gunicorn-swh-deposit service
  • pergamon (icinga): Upgrade python3-swh.deposit* dependency for icinga-plugins to do its job ok



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  • Fix deposit debian build

olasd fixed it by adding a Break entry in the debian/control of our python3-pytest backport.
Forcing aptitude to use a python3-pytest-django present in the backport.
That fixed everything.

  • Fix loader.core debian build [1]

More like worked around it but that will do for now.

After multiple iterations around this (spending way too much time on this again), i've finally worked around
the debian build failure for the loader core.

There is another task to be dealt with (at some point about opam) unrelated to this added in the backlog [2].


[2] T3976

Anyway, back to the actual deployment.

After upgrading pergamon and debugging through sentry and cli, the deposit icinga check is back on track.
Triggered back the icinga checks there.

swhworker@pergamon:~$ /usr/bin/swh icinga_plugins --warning 300 --critical 600 check-deposit --server --username swh --collection swh --password $PASS_DEPOSIT --poll-interval 1 single --archive /usr/share/swh/icinga-plugins/data/deposit/jesuisgpl.tgz --metadata /usr/share/swh/icinga-plugins/data/deposit/jesuisgpl.tgz.xml
DEPOSIT OK - Deposit took 38.89s and succeeded.
| 'load_time' = 33.35s
| 'total_time' = 38.89s
| 'upload_time' = 0.87s
| 'validation_time' = 4.68s
DEPOSIT OK - Deposit Metadata update took 4.00s and succeeded.
| 'total_time' = 42.89s
| 'update_time' = 4.00s
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