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Better syntax errors for the search query language
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Currently, the only error we can raise in case of syntax errors is "Invalid query", which is not helpful for users.

We should find a way to turn tree-sitter's partial ASTs into proper errors, so users know what to fix in their query.

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Possible invalid queries [WIP]:

Query: origin in 23
sexp: (ERROR (patternField) (choiceOp) (number))
root.type: ERROR
root.has_error: True
The root node's children are normal in this case.

Query: poke = mon
sexp: (ERROR (UNEXPECTED 'o') (rangeOp) (UNEXPECTED 'n'))
root.children: [<Node type=ERROR>, <Node type=rangeOp>, <Node type=ERROR>]
The type=ERROR nodes don't have any children. So <Node type=UNEXPECTED> doesn't exists in the AST, it's present only in the sexp

Query: origin = '24
sexp: '(query (filters (filter category: (patternFilter field: (patternField) op: (patternOp (equalOp)) value: (patternVal (string (stringContent) (MISSING "\'")))))))'

Right now, Tree-sitter just tries to repair the error so that it can give you back a syntax tree that works for the rest of the file.

I'll update this comment with more examples very soon.

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