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Deploy swh.model 4.1.0 / 0.41.0 to staging
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Deploy the latest version of swh.model and to staging.

  • make sure all new packages are available (swh.model,, swh.deposit)
  • run the first half of the database migration, adding new fields
  • stop all workers
  • upgrade and restart gunicorn-swh-storage instances (storage1, webapp)
  • upgrade and restart worker0
  • check that new revisions and releases are getting the new offset fields populated
  • restart all other workers
  • run the data migration for the new fields on old objects
  • add database constraints for all objects once the migration has run

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All rows have now been updated and the constraints added.

I managed to do the releases update in one go;

To do the revisions update query incrementally, I used the following loop:

for i in `seq 0 4095`; do
    bound=`printf %03x $i`; 
      update revision
          date_offset_bytes=_format_offset(date_offset, date_neg_utc_offset),
          committer_date_offset_bytes=_format_offset(committer_date_offset, committer_date_neg_utc_offset)
          id > '\x${bound}0' 
          and id <= '\x${bound}fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff' 
          and (
            (date is not null and date_offset_bytes is null)
            or (committer_date is not null and committer_date_offset_bytes is null)
    echo "updating for revisions starting with ${bound}";
    time psql ' port=5432 user=swh dbname=swh' -c "$query";

The individual queries started pretty slow (around 3 minutes each), but sped up as the cache on the revision_pkey index warmed up (I assume) to reach around 3s per individual query, so the operation was done overnight. Once that was done, the constraint validation took a few minutes.