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Organize FORCE2021 Software Citation Hackathon
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The Software Citation Implementation Working Group is preparing a small hackathon for December 2021.
The focus point is software citation and software citation formats.
Organizing team:

  • Martin Fenner
  • Morane Gruenpeter
  • Arfon Smith
  • Daniel Garijo
  • Neil Chue Hong

Tasks that can be part of this hackathon are:

  • Improve Codemeta documentation and examples (add links to existing tools)
  • Update crosswalk between CITATION.cff and codemeta
  • Do croswalk from BibLaTeX to codemeta
  • Improve citation style support in GitHub CFF implementation
  • Thinking session: tracking the impact of good metadata
  • Implement citation button for directories with codemeta or CFF (T3494)
  • Update the GitHub citable code guide
  • Write a GitHub Action to help authors keep their CFF files up to date (e.g., when a new release is published)
  • Write a GitHub Action (with configuration options) that allow people to follow best practices with their software citation practices (e.g., semantic versioning, archiving, generating metadata (Codemeta, CFF), ...)
  • Improve the codemeta generator tool
  • Discuss on how to have a support system for creating metadata/citation files
  • Get support for your metadata problems

The schedule:
Monday December 6th
Launch 13.00 - 14.00 GMT
Group work 14.00 - 16.30 GMT
Checkpoint 16.30 - 17.00 GMT

Friday December 10th
Checkpoint 13.00 - 13.30 GMT
Group work 14.00 - 16.30 GMT
Wrap-up 16.00 - 17.00 GMT

Some of the tasks are important for SWH and a dev participant from the team would be a great addition.

Event Timeline

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My tasks before the event:

  • prepare Google doc

  • invite Alain and a SWH team memeber (if validated)
  • send information to the RDA SSC IG, FAIR4RS, RDA France and Force11 mailing lists (maybe also the SWH open science community?)

A task to add to this hackaton:

  • add to a few examples of Bib(La)TeX entries for software and their corresponding .cff
    • this will ensure that the cff-latex exporter produces proper biblatex-software entries, and uses all the available fields in biblatex-software
    • since .cff is not able to handle BibTeX's crossref fields, use the expanded entries attached to this task

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