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Investigate the ContentDisallowed exception
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There seem to be trouble in the celery/rabbitmq communication with [1]

This impacts all modules using celery/rabbitmq (loader, lister, vault, ...) [2].
It does not seem to prevent the overall stack from running though.


[2] sentry says at least 3k for each dvcs loaders and lister, 27k for the loader-core...

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ardumont triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 5 2021, 11:54 AM
ardumont created this task.

Unless I'm mistaken, this error does not appear in sentry any more, right?

maybe, yes.

Since i don't really see how to check that, I was in a mood to just mark it as
resolve in sentry until sentry shout "regression" (or not hopefully)

It still appears in sentry.
Although it seems specific to staging (which is a hint of a divergence of some sort).

another one:

What's the difference in deployed dependencies versions (staging vs. prod)?

No difference.

I've made a pass on sentry and "resolved" the issue per project.
The oldest event was systematically 7 days old for each project occurrence.
Let's see if that happens again.

ardumont claimed this task.

Sentry never reported any regression since it got marked as resolved.
So that issue was no longer relevant when i opened it, closing it as invalid.