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Accompany design of the SWH stories data model
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Design a data model to collect and represent SWH Stories, which will describe the content elements
of a story, including their relationship to specific source codes, navigation in the story, dependencies, and links to steps in the SWHAP process.
The data model should therefore have the ability to access the relevant source code via the Software Heritage archive (
The data model should also be able to reference data other than code, like images, videos, articles or books, available on appropriate platforms, e.g. Wikidata or Open Access repositories.

  • Review the existing data model for science-stories
  • Discuss and design what steps of the SWHAP should be presented in a SWH Story
  • Discuss and design how to integrate source code artifacts from the SWH archive in the

stories data model

  • Explore technically the syndication options of specific Open Access repositories, for

resources and metadata.

  • Discuss and design what materials should be submitted by the curators(in a specific team

account) to these platforms (e.g WikiCommons etc.) before the creation of the SWH story.
Identify which materials and properties can be pulled into the SWH stories.

  • Specify which types to digital objects can also be added directly to the story (we only support some types of content for upload and we do not yet support bulk upload- so

resources must be managed individually currently).

When using a Wikidata entity in the science story engine: