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404 error when visiting a successfully archived repository
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The save request 30.7.2021, 07:40:21 git is displayed as successfully processed in the list, but clicking on the resp. link in this list results in a 404 error page.

Searching for in the global search produces an empty search result (Actually, a result can be seen very briefly, but then it disappears again immediately.)

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This may simply be replication lag between the loader's and the frontend's databases.

@ardumont Can you check?

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@ardumont noticed the replication was blocked, but our automated monitoring didn't alert us. He unblocked the replication, so your code should appear in the next hours.

Thanks for the heads up @ both of you.

Following the deployment of a new storage version [1], there was indeed a replication

This is now fixed. The replication lag is subsiding now [2].

but our automated monitoring didn't alert us.

Added a task to be alerted sooner [3].

[1] T3448


[3] T3452

vlorentz assigned this task to ardumont.

This should be resolved now (actually, on the 31st at 16).

@mdidas Thanks again for the report, and sorry for the inconvenience