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Improve save code now status report so the status and browse experience stay consistent
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Currently, due to some internal details, the reported status of a save code now can be
strikingly strange for users. A visit can be reported succesfull and yet when browsing
the origin, nothing is shown (due to replication lag).

Internal details vary from db replication which can lag and due to how we compute
internally the state of save code now.

We need to investigate and try to simplify such status computations. We recently added
new status from loaders which should allow to simplify and stay consistent across
responses [1]

Invariant: The api response from the webapp should stay the same

[1] Something like:

17:19 <ardumont> visit_status: not_found, failed, partial (debatable) -> failed
17:19 <ardumont> visit_status: full -> success
17:20 <ardumont> visit_status: si on a pas on fallback sur le status de la tache (scheduled, running, ...)

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