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Monitor daily indexes are present on the log cluster and logs are correctly ingested
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Raise an alert if the daily indexes were not created on the elasticsearch cluster or if there are no logs in the last XXmn

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I checked the icinga_logstash plugin[1] to see if it can be helpful but it's more oriented to logastash instances used to ingest data from log files. There is no options to check the number of events received/sent for example.


logstash now exposes an api server[1] which seems to return some interesting metrics on the plugin behaviors.
For example, there is a section for the elasticsearch output plugin:

  "outputs": [
      "id": "62d11c4234b8981da77a97955da92ac9de92b9a6dcd4582f407face31fd5c664",
      "events": {
        "duration_in_millis": 160089636,
        "in": 72818126,
        "out": 72818046
      "bulk_requests": {
        "responses": {
          "200": 3860888
        "successes": 3860888
      "documents": {
        "successes": 72818046
      "name": "elasticsearch"

I'll try to implement a small python script checking if there is other response code than 200 in a first time to identify the behavior
Perhaps it will be also interesting to check other properties like queue size :

"queue": {
  "type": "memory",
  "events_count": 0,
  "queue_size_in_bytes": 0,
  "max_queue_size_in_bytes": 0