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Expose counters in prometheus format
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According the the initial proposal [1], prometheus will remain the historical reference of the counter values.
swh-counters needs to expose an api endpoint to allow prometheus to retrieve and store them in a timeseries.


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The current serie were the counters are stored is named sql_swh_archive_object_count, the serie for swh-counters could be swh_archive_object_count

The current tag are:

  • content
  • directory
  • origin
  • origin-visit
  • person
  • release
  • revision
  • skipped_content
  • snapshot

All these tag can be computed by swh-counters except person, not exposed in a kafka topic.

The counters are now exposed throught a /metrics enpoint and ingested by prometheus.
They are well tagged per environment so we will be able to isolate the counters for each one:


The diff D5332 will allow to monitor the others topics