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Install webapp counters in the staging webapp/storage
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Just to reference that needs to happen some day.

It's only installed in the main one.

Function required for this are packaged within the module (and already installed in the staging db).
What's missing is actual crons which trigger those count.

The diagram [1] should definitely help for this install.

[1] T2828#53782

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After T2828, It's more clear of what must be deployed to have the counters working on staging:

  • the counters can be intialized via the /stat/refresh endpoint of the storage api (Note: It will create more counters than production as directory_entry_* and revision_history are not counted in production)
  • Add a script/service to execute the `swh_update_counter_bucketed` in an infinite loop
  • Create the buckets in the object_counts_bucketed
    • per object type : identifier|bucket_start|bucket_end. value and last_update will be updated be the stored procedures.
  • configure prometheus sql exporter for db1.staging [1]
  • configure profile_exporter on pergamon
    • Update the script to ensure the data are filtered by environments (to avoid staging data to be included in production counts [2])
    • Configure a new cron
      • loading an empty file for historical data
      • creating a new export_file
  • update webapp to be able to configure the counter origin