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Deploy a small publicly available kafka server (with some content) on a staging (+ the related objstorage)
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The idea is that I'd like to be able to document the mirror stack so that it "just works" out of the box so people interested in setting up a mirror can test it.

For this, we need a small kafka server with some data in it (say one or 2 small gitab/gitea ingested instances) that is publicly available. Only anonymized topics should be accessible there.

For the content-replayer to work, it will also need an objectstorage, since the content replayer pulls blobs from one objstorage to another (reading sha1s from the content topic).
This might be a bit trickier if we want to make it "read-only" to prevent kiddies from playing with it...
[edit] the ReadObjStorageFilter is our friend here[/edit]

It might also be useful to have the kafka accessible with and without authentication (to test that authentication layer), but it's not that important.

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