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Add hypervisor3 ssds as Ceph OSDs
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Make sure the hypervisor3 ssds are setup as ceph OSDs

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olasd triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 21 2020, 3:31 PM
olasd created this task.
olasd changed the task status from Open to Work in Progress.Jul 21 2020, 5:57 PM

Remove "hypervisor3-ssd" local storage from proxmox config (done via proxmox gui)

Check all logical volumes removed


Drop volume group

vgremove ssd

Remove physical volume

pvremove /dev/md0

Disable mdraid

mdadm --manage /dev/md0 --stop

Uninstall mdadm (unnecessary on this host now)

apt-get purge mdadm

Zap all drives

for letter in {a..h}; do ceph-volume lvm zap /dev/sd$letter; done

Create ceph osds

for letter in {a..h}; do pveceph osd create /dev/sd$letter; done

Wait for Placement Groups to rebalance

ceph -w

The hypervisor3 disks are now properly integrated with the ceph cluster.