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Implement metadata_provider endpoints in swh/storage/cassandra/
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Our prototype Cassandra backend for the main archive currently lacks the metadata_provider_add, metadata_provider_get, metadata_provider_get_by endpoints.

We should add them to swh/storage/cassandra/, and add the related table in swh/storage/cassandra/, to make them behave like in the other backends (see their documentation in swh/storage/; and unskip tests in swh/storage/tests/

(Note: this task is tagged "easy hack" as it doesn't require extensive knowledge of the Software Heritage codebase, but it will require some non-negligible work)

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vlorentz renamed this task from T2290: Implement metadata_provider endpoints in swh/storage/cassandra/ to Implement metadata_provider endpoints in swh/storage/cassandra/.Feb 18 2020, 4:49 PM
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