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Add support for origin nodes in graph service API
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What needs to be updated:

  • Node.Type enumeration
  • Example graph in unit tests
  • Unit tests themselves

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due to this bug (I suppose), trying to generate the various mapping files for a compressed graph that also includes swh:1:ori:... PIDs fails with:

Pre-computing node id maps...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown SWH ID type in: swh:1:ori:4135fe80baeff9983f73e94b02da92f618cbb6c7
	at org.softwareheritage.graph.SwhId.<init>(
	at org.softwareheritage.graph.backend.Setup.precomputeNodeIdMap(
	at org.softwareheritage.graph.backend.Setup.main(

Yes this is related, there are safe checks when creating a new SwhId from a string form, and right now the code for the type looks like:

if (!type.matches("cnt|dir|rel|rev|snp"))