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Numerous dm device failures on louvre
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This ticket intended as a post-mortem analysis of a 2019-02-06 incident where many (if not all) dm devices on louvre failed at the same moment, reporting I/O errors.
Louvre had to be hard-rebooted more than once in order to make it operational again.

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ftigeot updated the task description. (Show Details)Feb 7 2019, 3:48 PM

The kind of error reported massively and suddenly when louvre stopped operating properly:

Buffer I/O error on device dm-41, logical block 10474329

After the reboot, existing dm volumes on top of /dev/md3 still reported I/O errors:

[ 5200.552667] Buffer I/O error on dev dm-33, logical block 6999130, async page read
[ 5506.537868] Buffer I/O error on dev dm-35, logical block 2251864, async page read
olasd added a subscriber: olasd.Feb 7 2019, 9:38 PM

During the pvmove off of /dev/md3, the root filesystem for uffizi ended up being remounted r/o. I've shut it down, fsck'd it, and booted it back up.

After the pvmove completed, the errors don't seem to happen again. I did a vgreduce to avoid /dev/md3 altogether.

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Resolved on 2019-02-07.