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Rewrite the munin stats export for the website to use prometheus
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Once the swh-storage metric has been integrated in prometheus, the stats export should use it.

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Prometheus data has been exported to a json file similar to the format produced by the Muni/RRD based toolchain.
Results are visible on
(vs for original graphs)

The new toolchain works but we can see a few problems:

  • The graph stops at the first hole in the Prometheus dataset (21 march 2019)
  • We are missing historical values from October 2015 to December 2018 (not present in Prometheus)
  • Even for the first serie of Prometheus data, the form of the graph is too flat

For reference, a "Source files" graph produced by Prometheus itself can be visualized here:

For the "March 2019 problem", the json output generated from the Prometheus API itself misses the more recent data points.

Depending on Prometheus for all data is not a hard requirement.

If it turns out to be impossible to inject historical data in Prometheus, the json creation script itself is authorized to provide the missing timecounter values.