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Review Wikidata property proposal for swh-id release
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This property proposal was created by Thomas Ledoux from the BNF as part of the WikiDigi WG:

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Questions and Answers with the WikiDigi WG (from Toto256):

  1. Even thought we identified the release ID to be the most appropriate ID to use in Wikidata, should the property specify it is a release instead of being a generic SWH ID?

As we discussed, it's easier to have a limited scope for a property : it allows for defining constraints, building bots and explaining the purpose.
This doesn't mean we can later add other properties for others ids.

In my previous experience, when I proposed a generic PRONOM ID, it was requested to split it in 2 properties software PUID (P2749) and format PUID (P2748) in order to specialize the validation regex as well as the constraints on allowed classes

  1. The usage of application in the Domain property is a bit ambiguous to me, How does the SWH Release ID's domain an application when referencing the source code and not the software executable?

The 'application' in the Domain property is just to say that this property should only apply to application instances.
The fact that it references source code and not executable should be told in the description of the property.
So maybe the description should say : "identifier of the source code of a software release in the Software Heritage Archive"

  1. Should I add information about how the identifier is generated in the description?

I don't think this information is necessary here. This could be explain in a wikipedia page
We just need to know this is a identifier and it has the appropriate format

  1. Should I add a reference to the paper about the SWH identifiers? if yes, with what property?

I think the expansion of the description of the property can come later.
First have the property accepted and implemented,
then refined the definition of the property itself by updating the property page itself

In fact, you will probably need to create an entity about the SWH identifier (linking the property and the entity by the P1629 property)
where you will be able to link the article and all the information about the identifier itself. You can see this in tthe P2749 linked to Q34276931 to describe what a PUID is.

Here is the property proposal under discussion:

We need support votes to get it passed.

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Here is the approved property on Wikidata:

I will write an announcement on the swh-devel mailing list about that.