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handle the uffizi content store being full
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The uffizi content storage is getting dangerously close to full.

After discussing our requirements (redundancy, migration to ceph, archiver issues), the following plan is being put into place:

  1. reduce archiver lag and improve redundancy : Synchronously write all objects to azure as well as local storage
  2. reduce local storage requirements : Stripe the local storage of contents across uffizi and banco
  3. prepare the ceph migration, improve redundancy : Synchronously write a copy of the objects in ceph, with the final redundancy requirements (erasure coding, 5 chunks + 2 parity chunks), but with a more risky failure domain (OSD instead of host).
  4. reclaim storage space : remove already backed up objects from uffizi and banco
  5. future-proof the system : adapt the archiver to handle striped storages

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This was, in fact, solved by adding more storage.