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Add an how-to add a new swh package

Authored by ardumont on Jul 5 2021, 3:55 PM.



The following document demonstrates how to create a new swh package in the current swh
phabricator instance and reference it so the Continuous Integration (CI) is able to
build the new module.

It's problem oriented so it's more an how-to [1]. I've added it to the "tutorials" tree
though as we don't have a "how to" section yet...

It might be even possible this could go to the "contribute" section but as not all steps
could be done from an external contributor, I kept it out.

Anyway, feel free to propose some improvments ;)

[1] (that's the approach we are trying to reach)

Related to T3179

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make -C docs is happy

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Merge tag edition into 1 more logical step

Could you rename "new module" to "new repository" everywhere? In Python, modules are single files (or sometimes packages too, but this is neither)

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I try to avoid stop words in anchor names. What about .. _tutorial-new-package:?

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Define an anchor for Create a project and use a :ref: to point to it.

Written this way, it depends on how the HTML renderer auto-generates anchors, which is somewhat brittle. (And also HTML-specific)

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This should probably explain when they should be enabled

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Can you move the link inside the paragraph?

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Thanks ;)

I'll attend to your suggestions during the day.

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yes, i did not enter much into it because 1. i don't remember what needs to be done after that 2. and i think that'd need a dedicated doc...

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sure, i did not know how to properly add this.
Also, initially the paragraph was empty.

ardumont added inline comments.
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Note that i think it's an how to though (see diff description) but fine.

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