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treydock-keycloak: Upgrade to 6.19.0

Authored by anlambert on Thu, Oct 8, 2:49 PM.


Group Reviewers
R212:33414e4e1b60: Release v6.19.0
R212:0187fec63387: Add roles to keycloak_client
R212:33f5d75c020a: Merge pull request #164 from anlambert/realm-client-roles
R212:11420cdc5c56: Merge pull request #163 from anlambert/realm-login-properties
R212:c60eed9ac9b5: Add roles to keycloak_realm
R212:0b8c48bb606f: Add verify_email to keycloak_realm
R212:729b6e71828f: Add reset_password_allowed to keycloak_realm
R212:44eefd62a95f: Release v6.18.0
R212:34e3df330573: Merge pull request #161 from treydock/client-flows
R212:7885152cf823: Realm can not depend on flow that depends on realm
R212:61197e03b76d: Merge pull request #162 from treydock/realm-flows
R212:99838d809b5a: Support flow overrides on clients
R212:2171ace9c768: Merge pull request #159 from treydock/depend-flow
R212:4f77f1b5d427: Fix realms and identity providers to auto require their configured flows
R212:09a5af11d0de: Merge pull request #160 from anlambert/add-realm-registration-allowed
R212:6d1902508eda: Add registration_allowed to keycloak_realm
R212:a31685062dba: Merge pull request #158 from treydock/tests
R212:571afb2b57e8: Release v6.17.0
R212:04a947cd8c73: Merge pull request #157 from aba-rechsteiner/realm
R212:f883d319f847: Improved unit and acceptance tests for recent changes
R212:0a49665dced2: add bruteForceProtected
R212:3d8fea1d113f: Merge pull request #155 from aba-rechsteiner/keycloak-oidc
R212:0c3caba7ce85: add keycloak-oidc providerid
R212:3a8e1ac63ea6: Merge pull request #156 from aba-rechsteiner/trustemail
R212:99a1ab800628: add trustEmail and SyncPeriod

Synchronize Keycloak puppet module with its upstream version.

It notably includes some configuration enhancements I have submitted trough these PRs:

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R212 puppet-treydock-keycloak
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Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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anlambert created this revision.Thu, Oct 8, 2:49 PM
ardumont accepted this revision.Thu, Oct 8, 5:10 PM
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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, Oct 8, 5:10 PM