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conf/deposit: Update deposit configuration

Authored by ardumont on Oct 6 2020, 5:30 PM.


  • Rename storage to storage_metadata
  • Drop no longer used loader-version

(I also updated the hackmd page accordingly and the production configuration)

Test Plan
$ doco up
# deposit starts fine and is happy nonetheless
$ curl http://localhost:5006
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    <title>The Software Heritage Deposit</title>

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<h1>Welcome to the Software Heritage deposit</h1>


The long term goal of the Software Heritage initiative is
to <strong>collect</strong> all publicly available software in source
code form together with its development history, replicate it
massively to ensure its <strong>preservation</strong>,
and <strong>share</strong> it with everyone who needs it.

<h2>What's the deposit?</h2>

This is <a href="">Software Heritage</a>'s
<a href="">SWORD
2.0</a> Server implementation.

<strong>S.W.O.R.D</strong> (<strong>S</strong>imple <strong>W</strong>eb-Service <strong>O</strong>ffering <strong>R</strong>epository
<strong>D</strong>eposit) is an interoperability standard for digital
file deposit.

This implementation allows a client (a repository, e.g. hal) to deposit
software source archives and its associated metadata to the (<a
href="">SWH archive</a>).


    <li><a href="">Index</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Getting Started</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Specification</a></li>

    <div id="footer" class="panel-footer">
      <a href="">Software Heritage</a> &mdash;
      Copyright (C) 2015&ndash;2018, The Software Heritage developers.
      License: <a href="">GNU
      AGPLv3+</a>. <br /> The source code of Software Heritage <em>itself</em>
      is available on
      our <a href="">development
      forge</a>. <br /> The source code files <em>archived</em> by Software
      Heritage are available under their own copyright and licenses. <br />
      <a href="">Terms of use</a> -
      <a href="">Contact</a>.
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Event Timeline

Actually update configuration to correct one

ardumont retitled this revision from docker/conf/deposit: Drop no longer used configuration to conf/deposit: Update deposit configuration.Oct 6 2020, 6:00 PM
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er, I missed the name change in D4013.

I think we should rename it to "metadata_storage", for consistency with how we usually call it + "indexer_storage"

Well, ok but later.

I've already deployed the deposit with this ;)

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