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Add automatic object identifier computation support

Authored by anlambert on Nov 28 2019, 5:21 PM.



Add support to automatically compute identifier in the following object models:
Directory, Release, Revision, Snapshot.

If the identifier is not provided as parameter, it will be computed when the model
is initialized.

This is useful when writing tests and one wants to populate the archive using models
instead of raw dicts.

For instance, if we have the following directory entry model:

dir_target = ...
dir_entry = DirectoryEntry(name=b'directory', type='dir',

To create a valid Directory model, previously you had to proceed like this:

dir_id = hash_to_bytes(directory_identifier({
    'entries': [dir_entry.to_dict()]

dir = Directory(id=dir_id, entries=[dir_entry])

While after applying that diff, you can now simply write:

dir = Directory(entries=[dir_entry])
Test Plan

Tests have been added. Some raw data from test_identifiers are reused to avoid duplication.

Diff Detail

rDMOD Data model
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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I think instead you should add a method that computes the hash to each class, then implement __attrs_post_init__ only in BaseModel (or a new abstract class for hashable objects).

That will make your code shorter, and also make it easier to implement hash checking when we will add it.


You should do this, for consistency with other classes:

return cls(
    branches={name: ... for ... in d.pop('branches').items()},

I think you can remove this line entirely



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forgot this one

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Sigh .. I am really not efficient when I am sick and tired.

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