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keywords and software requirements as string arrays

Authored by vlorentz on Nov 26 2019, 11:27 AM.


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related links as string (url) array and fix of import codemeta

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scatenag created this revision.Nov 26 2019, 11:27 AM

I think using dynamic form elements like this for keywords and software requirements is too complicated. A simple text field separated with commas would work too. It would also require less clicks and take less visual space.

For related links, what about a (large) <textarea>, with one link per line? It would also be simpler (both in terms of code and visual interface)

Do you agree?

scatenag added a comment.EditedNov 27 2019, 2:08 PM

Yes. You are right.
(I am rusty on js/web programming so I followed, like a donkey, the case of more complex arrays...)

Could maybe a further improvement?
I mean, this way works too .. I would like to have a minimal working version to have legacy software authors to generate metadata independently...

Could maybe a further improvement?

It would probably require a complete rewrite of the code in this diff, so we might as well do it properly the first time.

I can try to implement it in the next days if you don't have the time


I made another implementation using comma-separation and newline-separation (56d0afed0c932c3107934390ab49acb9d0e0d78a) and pushed it to master. Feel free to test it and comment

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