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init-template: Explain how to bootstrap a debian template image

Authored by ardumont on Aug 1 2019, 10:07 AM.



We will build debian vms (oldstable/stable) from a template with some basis
already set-up to avoid repeating those actions for new provisioned vm.

This action is needed to be once in a while (every debian migration to new
stable for example). Still, this is worth documenting/scripting to ease

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Depends on D1795

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Test Plan

Connect to orsay hypervisor to execute:

root@orsay# cd /root/proxmox
root@orsay# ./ 9  # build debian-9 vm
root@orsay# ./ 10 # build debian-10 vm

(please don't use for debian 9 though, i'm using that template right now)

But you could test it with debian-10 vm template (id 10000; which is unused

root@orsay# qm destroy 10000
# set up your workstation with the ssh keys and public keys (cf. swh password
# store)
user@workstation$ ssh root@ 'hello from $(hostname)'
hello from debian-template-10

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