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Prepare strategy for CRM
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The CRM is the system to help view the gap between the SWH strategic plan and reality of the relationships between customers and product.

To keep track of the information and promises about a "product" given
to a specific "customer", we need to centralize this information.

There are many ways how to use a CRM, but to define the pipelines we
should first define the lifecycle of the relation to a "customer".

Who are the SWH customers?

Level of engagement in contact lifecycle

In the documentation strategy we identify 4 types of audiences:
(these can be also seen as the level of engagement of a contact)

  • Visitors
  • Users of the archive (B2C model)
  • Users of the infrastructures (B2B model)
  • Contributors

For example, a potential lead can be a visitor reading the
documentation on the website, participating in public events,
who decides to use the archive or even have its infrastructure use SWH.

Then this contact can start contributing to the project in different ways:

  • presenting SWH in their community
  • promoting SWH
  • contributing to the documentation and to the code or providing internal ressources to contribute to the SWH mission
  • contributing financially by becoming a sponsor

When contacts become SWH community member

The two major phases are:

  1. acquiring the SWH community member
  2. providing SWH community member support