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[cassandra] Configure the monitoring of the cluster
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A prometheus is needed to compare the different benchmarks.

In order to not impact the cassandra nodes, the etcd/controle plane nodes will received the worker role too.
Only the monitoring workload will be deployed on the nodes.

Too allow HA, the number of prometheus replicas will be set to 3 and the data location in the same directory on all the nodes.
The dataretention will be set to 365 to avoid data loss until the "thanosification" is done.

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Configure the data directory:

root@pergamon:~# clush -b -w @cassandra-mgmt hostname

root@pergamon:~# clush -b -w @cassandra-mgmt zfs set atime=off relatime=on data
root@pergamon:~# clush -b -w @cassandra-mgmt zfs create -o mountpoint=/srv/prometheus data/prometheus
vsellier moved this task from in-progress to done on the System administration board.

The mountpoint needs to be declare on the kubelet container to be reachable by the pods:

--- /tmp/cluster-orig.yaml	2022-07-12 11:27:27.169509573 +0200
+++ /tmp/cluster.yaml	2022-07-12 11:26:54.865395186 +0200
@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@
       service_node_port_range: 30000-32767
     kube-controller: {}
+      extra_binds:
+        - '/srv/prometheus:/srv/prometheus'
       fail_swap_on: false
       generate_serving_certificate: false
     kubeproxy: {}

The detail of the configuration is on rSKCONF18f54485535514bb05a2840111922f80dcaec9da