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Missing tags in <entry> elements
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The deposit server emits <entry> elements in a few places (off the top of my head, GET Col-IRI and the deposit receipt), but it does not follow the RFC 4287 definition:

   o  atom:entry elements MUST contain one or more atom:author elements,
      unless the atom:entry contains an atom:source element that
      contains an atom:author element or, in an Atom Feed Document, the
      atom:feed element contains an atom:author element itself.
   o  atom:entry elements MUST contain exactly one atom:id element.
   o  atom:entry elements that contain no child atom:content element
      MUST contain at least one atom:link element with a rel attribute
      value of "alternate".
   o  atom:entry elements MUST contain an atom:summary element in either
      of the following cases:
      *  the atom:entry contains an atom:content that has a "src"
         attribute (and is thus empty).
      *  the atom:entry contains content that is encoded in Base64;
         i.e., the "type" attribute of atom:content is a MIME media type
         [MIMEREG], but is not an XML media type [RFC3023], does not
         begin with "text/", and does not end with "/xml" or "+xml".
   o  atom:entry elements MUST contain exactly one atom:title element.
   o  atom:entry elements MUST contain exactly one atom:updated element.

This is not very high priority, I don't see a reason for clients to need most of them.

Preserving atom:title and atom:id from the deposited metadata could be useful though, to allow clients to keep track of their deposits.