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Using xz-file-format for 1TB archive
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How practical would it really be to use xz-file-format to create a 1TB archive with artifacts that have 3KB median size and 80KB average size ?

  • Each artifact would be a individually compressed block
  • An uncompressed index sorted index with fixed record sizes SHA256 => number of block is stored in the last block

The index does not fit in memory and needs sorting.

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The 7z format is more complex because it knows about files, directories etc. It is not not just a compressed data format.

The zstd format is tightly associated with the compression algorithm and is therefore more complex. It can however be a sequence of independently compressed content and could be used for the same purpose as xz.

Although simple and close to what is needed, Xz is not an exact match: the index would need to be maintained.