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pre-commit is required by bin/update
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The developer setup instructions will fail to run bin/update unless pip install pre-commit has been run

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Thanks for the bug report. Do you have a log of what happens upon bin/update if pre-commit is missing? (it's sure is needed for committing, but i'm surprised it's needed for bin/update).
Also, is it needed for a raw "bin/update" or only for "bin/update -i" (that also install Python dependencies?).

bin/update contains

if ! which pre-commit &> /dev/null ; then
	echo "The pre-commit command is required, please install it before"
	echo "running this command. See for more information."
	exit 1

reason why it fails. However... maybe it is entirely unnecessary and the better fix would be to remove this check ?

Thanks for the merge :-) It feels really good to see a commit, however simple, being merged on a Monday morning!