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Write tests for swh/journal/writer/
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It's low priority because it's only used in tests of other components.

But we should have tests for this module as well (eg. to check for D4621)

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vlorentz created this task.

Hey @vlorentz
How do I check$31. Do I have to pass dummy content, raw_extrinsic_metadata, origin_visit, et cetera as the object_ to write_addition function and before passing verify if they have unique_key function implemented ?

Pass an object without `unique_key` and check it does raise an exception

Do you some more tests or this task can be declared as resolved?

If we replaced the whole code with just this:

class InMemoryJournalWriter(Generic[TValue]):
    def __init__(self, value_sanitizer: Any):

    def write_addition(self, *args):
        raise NotImplementedError()

would still pass. So yes, it needs more tests.

vlorentz assigned this task to KShivendu.

I think so, thanks