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Inventory of the swh infrastructure
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In order to prepare the networks refactoring to isolate the different environments (staging, production and possibly an additional admin vlan), an exhaustive list of all the running services is needed.

An inventory app will be used to have a live and up to date vision of the infrastructure.
After a quick poc, netbox seems to do the job by supporting, hardware, virtualisation, networks, services, .... and being configurable by api.

List of the tasks to perform :

  • Add the support of netbox in puppet
  • Provision and install a server to run netbox
  • Reference the physical and virtual servers
  • Reference the current networks and ips
  • Reference the running services

The next step (refactoring) will be described in another task after the analysis of the current state.

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The service is up and runnig at
I will add the admin password on the credentials.

The initial import of the puppet fact was done with the quick and dirty import script[1]. Each imported ressource is tagged with the tag `puppet-import` to keep the information for later.

Now the time to the manual work of categorization is coming.